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Sealy, a globally famous American brand, is offering mattresses and sleeping systems and it posses a manufacturing and commercial experience gained in more then 125 years of history. The company’s goal is to respond to the needs and improve the quality of sleep by designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality products.

To reach this goal, Sealy is constantly investing in research and development, patenting innovative, exclusive technologies to provide concrete benefits in terms of comfort, support and a healthy spine.

These are the reasons behind the fact that today, worldwide, there are an ever increasing number of orthopedic physicians who sleep on a Sealy mattress, and who also recommend mattresses for correct posture and healthy sleep. In acknowledgement of this growing trend, many of the most prestigious hotel chains have chosen products for their beds:  Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Le Meridien, Hyatt, Regency Hotels, Clarion, Disney Resorts, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Sheraton, Millenium Hotels & Resorts.

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In the region of Southeastern Europe, Sealy’s portfolio is offered in Bulgaria and Romania by the exclusive distributor Martax Spltd.

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