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Matrax Ltd.

111 Bulgaria Blvd
Embassy Suites A
2nd Floor Apt 1

1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 0700 11 117
Tel: +359 2 489 60 74
Fax: +359 2 869 00 13

The reason behind Matrax phenomenal growth is quite simply that we sell the products that are unmatched in quality for investment. Our Product Development Team literally scours the world travelling to all sorts of far flung destinations to bring our customers best products out there.

Matrax works with top brands and products that are innovative yet practical that provide real solutions to improve quality of life. We firmly believe that everybody deserves the good sleep and rest that can come only from products of uncomprimised quality.

We believe a good bed (and everything that goes on it) is an investment in your health and well-being. We pride ourselves on offering those products that provide you with the healthy and rejunvating sleep you need for your active life.

If you are a producer of high quality, innovative sleep products and are interested in growing your business in Southeast Europe, please contact our Sales Director, Mihail Batanov at



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