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Matrax Ltd.

111 Bulgaria Blvd
Embassy Suites A
2nd Floor Apt 1

1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 0700 11 117
Tel: +359 2 489 60 74
Fax: +359 2 869 00 13

Sonya BonovaMrs. Sonya Bonova,
Marketing Director

It is extremely gratifying to sell the best products on the market and give people the gift of healthy sleep.


Iliana.jpgMs. Iliana Tsirova,
Logistics Supervisor

We’ve managed to create a good company structure and a great team of people with a lot of work and will over the years. And so – for five years! I believe it would be so a few more times multiplied by five!

Mladena MilanovaMs. Mladena Milanova,
Marketing Specialist

The job in this company was the first serious one for me.. and this is how more than three years passed. The most important I learned here is that “impossible is nothing” and there are no unsolvable problems for the good team.

Misho.jpgMr. Mihail Batanov, Sales Director
We are doing successful business with big ideas by a small team. Other mattresses and pillows made. Partners and customers know they always can rely on our operating decisions.

Kristina.jpgMrs. Kristina Bogdanova,
Customer Service Manager

I am emotionally connected with the company – I’ve taken part in its building, I believe in people, ideas and our goals.