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 Best for less!

Look for iSleep brand’s products: mattresses, pillows, bed frames, protectors. iSleep offers you a full range of home goods, which meet the solely demand for high quality at an affordable price.
The first mattresses from the iSleep collection are the models Memory, Natura, Ergonomico, Praktiko, Orthopedico and Tempre. The model Memory is remarkable for its layer of Memory foam in the cover of the mattress. Natura has a 100%-cotton cover and the natural colour of the cotton. The model Praкtiкo is an orthopedic mattress with a cotton cover.

The iSleep mattresses are an optimal combination of production technologies and quality materials, which provides an affordable price. The models are simple and with plain design. All the mattresses don’t have springs. The height is balanced by the higher density and elasticity of the foam in the core. The iSleep mattresses are orthopedic, airy and give correct support to the body. You wake up fresh and full of energy!

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All iSleep models mattresses have 5 years warranty. The brand is part of our loyalty programme DreamClub. Register your iSleep product and join the programme. DreamClub lets you gather bonus credits (lv) and win up to 15% discount for purchases at a number of stores and hotels in Bulgaria, which are our partners.