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Matrax Ltd.

111 Bulgaria Blvd
Embassy Suites A
2nd Floor Apt 1

1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 0700 11 117
Tel: +359 2 489 60 74
Fax: +359 2 869 00 13

Directions to Head Office

With an automobile - from the centre - when driving on Bulgaria blvd in the direction of Boyana, you will pass the intersection Blvd Bulgaria and Todor Kableshkov Street (a Billa store is located on the corner).  Continue straight for 400 meters taking the first exit following Sveta Sofia Hospital and Business Center Bellisimo. At the end of the exit ramp turn left. Embassy Suites is the first building on your right immediately following the underpass and has large signs for HONDA and BGMENU.

With an automobile from the ring road - you are driving by Bulgaria blvd in direction Center. Before hotel Festa Barcelo there are crossing, which turns the traffic movement. Before the subway you turn in left and you are in front of our building.

Via tram № 7 - you get off on the last station. Our building is on the opposite site of Bulgaria blvd the side where traffic heads in the direction of the Centre. There is a big sign HONDA and BGMENU on the building.

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